About GimletFest:

GimletFest is the best of Gimlet Media brought to life in a two-day festival. Tickets are available for standalone shows or as a 2-day pass.

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The Lineup:

We’re throwing a festival! Hear Alex explain why.

GimletFest Peeps

The Starter Playlist

New to the world of Gimlet audio? We made you a playlist to introduce you to favorite episodes from all our shows.

Whether you’re interested in personal stories or scientific explorations, in scripted fiction or thorough reporting, in stories about the internet, all the dimensions of Black life, or what it’s really like to start a business, we have a show for you.

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The GimletFest Experience

Every ticket to GimletFest includes come-and-go access to the rest of the festival space (aka, everywhere except the Mainstage theater) for the full weekend. Come early, stay late, soak it up!

You can hang out with other Gimlet fans, enjoy food and drinks, shop the Gimlet store and more!

All The Details

How to get there? What can I bring? Is there food?

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