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Saturday × June 16thFestival Doors Open 11:00A

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The Pitch

June 16th × 2:30P (2:00P Doors)
Josh Muccio & Special Guests

Three companies, three judges, one Josh Muccio. Potential future entrepreneurs will have to think fast and pitch faster in a timed competition in front of a live audience (that’s you!) for the title of winning the first ever Live Competition of The Pitch.

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Startup Season One: The Reunion

June 16th × 4:30P (4:00P Doors)
Alex Blumberg, Matt Lieber, Nazanin Rafsanjani, Alex Goldman, Sruthi Pinnamaneni

In the very first sentence of the very first episode of any Gimlet podcast, founder Alex Blumberg says he’s “decided to do something rash.” The rest of the season followed Alex as he raised money, brought on a co-founder, and laid the foundation for everything that Gimlet’s become. This panel will bring back some of the most prominent voices from that first season — like Alex Blumberg (Co-Founder and CEO), Matt Lieber (Co-Founder and President), Nazanin Rafsanjani (VP of New Show Development), and Alex Goldman (host of Reply All) to talk about what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and where Gimlet is going next. Sruthi Pinnamaneni (Reply All) will moderate.

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June 16th × 7:00P (6:30P Doors)
Zac Stuart-Pontier, Marc Smerling & Special Guests

Join the Crimetown team for an evening with some of Providence's wiseguys and cops whose stories brought the first season to life. Marc and Zac will talk about the making of the podcast with wiseguy-turned-businessman Bobby Walason, Detective Commander Brian Andrews and his nemesis, master thief Tony Fiore. Following their conversation, the musicians behind Crimetown's Buddy Cianci: The Musical recordings will perform some songs from the play.

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June 16th × 9:00P (8:30P Doors)
Jonathan Goldstein

Jonathan Goldstein hosts the first ever, late night edition of Heavyweight Live. Join him as he welcomes a musical guest, plays a never-before-heard clip from the Heavyweight archives, and gets interviewed by special guests like PJ Vogt of Reply All. You might laugh, you might cry, but either way you’re bound to at the very least see Jonathan on stage as well as also in person.

Sunday × June 17thFestival Doors Open 11:30A

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Story Pirates Breakfast

June 17th × 11:00A (10:00A Doors)
Special Guests
$20/adult $15/kidBuy Tickets

The Story Pirates Greatest Hits Show celebrates creative writing by kids from coast to coast in a big, hilarious sketch comedy musical performed by professional actors and musicians. The performance is based entirely on stories written by elementary school students, and part of the show is made up on the spot by the kids in the audience!

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Science Vs

June 17th × 12:30P (12:00P Doors)
Wendy Zukerman

Could aliens have reached Earth already? With thousands of people seeing UFOs each year, Science Vs sifts through government files — and peer reviewed papers — to find out what it would take for a UFO to reach Earth... and what really happened at Roswell. The truth is right here.

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June 17th × 2:00P (1:30P Doors)
Amy Standen, Arlan Hamilton, Shereen Marisol Meraji

This season, StartUp returned to its roots, spending six episodes with one person: Silicon Valley’s most unlikely powerbroker, Arlan Hamilton. At GimletFest Arlan and StartUp host Amy Standen sit down to talk about some of the rockier moments in their collaboration, and what the relationship between subject and reporter really looks like. Shereen Marisol Meraji, co-host of NPR’s Code Switch podcast about race and identity, and reporter for NPR’s broadcast programs like Morning Edition and All Things Considered, will moderate the discussion.

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The Habitat

June 17th × 4:00P (3:30P Doors)
Lynn Levy, Hit the Lights Theater Co, and more

The Habitat team is partnering with Hit the Lights! Theater Co. to bring a beloved piece of audio that didn’t make it into the final show to life through shadow puppetry! Stick around after that for a q&a where we’ll explore a little bit of how The Habitat went from over 200 hours of audio to the final seven episodes you listened to.

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Storytelling: S-Town, StartUp and more

June 17th × 6:00P (5:30P Doors)
Alex Blumberg, Julie Snyder

We’re bringing together some of the industry's greatest storytellers to discuss how they do what they do. Gimlet’s Alex Blumberg will chat with Julie Snyder, one of the creators of the breakthrough podcasts S-Town and Serial. They'll talk about what it takes to make a ground-breaking podcast and what they learned along the way.

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The Nod

June 17th × 8:00P (7:30P Doors)
Brittany Luse, Eric Eddings, Wyatt Cenac

Join Brittany and Eric and the rest of The Nod fam for a celebration of all things Black culture. We’ll hang with comedian Wyatt Cenac, of HBO’s Problem Areas and The Daily Show, play some games and pay tribute to some Black legends. Plus, you just might get to see Eric dance…

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